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How using a professional Christmas decorator makes the festive season easier

How using a professional Christmas decorator makes the festive season easier

Shortening the Christmas to-do list

The easier and less stressful the run up to Christmas is, the more you will enjoy the holiday itself, right? Getting a rental Christmas tree from Christmas Creatives ticks at least four things off your festive to-do list months before you even start thinking about all the other things you have to do.

To start the process, you tell us about the space you want to put your tree in and we talk through a vision of the perfect decorated Christmas tree. Then we send through some examples of different tress and styles of decorations. You choose the one you like best, and book it on our website.

That’s the hard bit done at your end. We deliver and instal the tree on the chosen date, do all the decorating and spread some Christmas cheer in the process. Then you get to enjoy your dream tree for the entire Christmas season. At the end of the hire period, we come back, remove the decorations, pull down and pack away the tree and clean up any left-over bits of glitter or tinsel. Easy!

Get a different look every year

Regardless of whether you are a dedicated follower of Christmas fashion, or are getting a bit tired of using the same old decorations every year, Christmas tree hire is the solution. We have a huge stock of different sized trees and all styles and types of high-quality Christmas decorations. That means when you get us in as your Christmas decorators, we can replicate the latest decoration you’ve seen online or in magazines, or we can just make sure you get a different, beautiful Christmas tree every year.

Don’t forget you can just hire Christmas decorations off us by the box full if you’ve got your own tree, or like getting a real Christmas tree in every year. Check out the website or contact us for more information.

Keeping Christmas special

We love Christmas, but we’re not big on the disposable, throwaway aspects that have crept in over the last few decades. We only buy the highest quality, professional Christmas trees and decorations, and we keep using them year after year. If you rent your Christmas tree or decorations off us, it means you don’t have to throw out old trees or decorations and go shopping for new ones every few years. That’s a win for everyone.


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