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Here at Christmas Creatives we make having a beautiful, professionally decorated Christmas tree in your office, home, or Christmas function simple, convenient and hassle free. While we specialise in home and office Christmas trees, we also do other Christmas decorations that you might need, including table pieces, garlands and wreaths, all custom made to match your tree.

When you use us, you hire a Christmas tree and you hire Christmas decorations and get our services as Christmas decorators. We carry a large stock of high quality, beautiful Christmas trees and decorations, and keep up-to-date with the decoration styles and trends.

The result for you is a home or office Christmas tree that looks fantastic, without any of the time or hassle that is usually involved.

You don’t have to store a tree and boxes of decorations for much of the year, you don’t have to put up the tree and think about how to decorate it, and you don’t have to take the decorations off, pack them and the tree away and put them back in storage. We do it all for you. It’s Christmas tree, easy peasy!   

Our decorations are well made and durable, and we reuse them year after year. You get a different Christmas look every season without having to throw out and buy new decorations constantly. This means a lot less plastic waste going to landfill, something we all appreciate.

The head elves at Christmas Creatives are Julia and Fran. They are both corporate professionals for much of the year, but in November they magically change into Christmas decorator super-heroes, who’s mission is to take the stress out of Christmas for their clients, and replace it with festive cheer.

People often ask what inspired us to start this business, and the answer is simple, a shared love of Christmas, and more specifically, designing and executing top quality, gorgeous, decorated Christmas trees and other festive season decorations. We’re great friends too, which make the whole venture even more special.

What keeps us going year after year is seeing the reactions from our clients when we show them the spectacular Christmas tree or other decorations that we have installed for them.

Fran and Julia